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Hope, Help and Strength Town Hall

On March 29th Stevens Middle School Prevention Club will be hosting a town hall at Lincoln Center (6p.m.-8p.m.) that will focus on Hope, Health and Strength for Clallam County residents. We need to create solutions that make it easier for people to be healthy in their communities.

The focus of this event will be to provide an opportunity for community partners to have a conversation about the overlaping issues of Mental Health, Substance Use (including alcohol, marijuana, and other drug use), and Suicide Prevention. The recent suicide death of our former classmate sparked SMS Prevention Club to create a strategic plan regarding negative stress. Negative stress is the origin of many illnesses including depression, self-medication with alcohol, and other drugs, and addiction, yet substance use can also contribute to anxiety, depression and other issues. We also found that many of our students that are stressed resort to violence towards others or bullying..

As you know, prevention is the most cost-effective and common sense way to keep people healthy-too often, however, our health carte system focuses more on treating preventable disease, illness and injury after they happen. It is our hope that this town hall provides our residents with the beginning of a road map to building a healthier community- we hope you will join us as a partner in this effort.

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